Sunny and Breezy
Sunny and Breezy
44.2 °F
Feels Like: 38.4 °F
Sunny, with a high near 67. Breezy, with a southwest wind around 23 mph, with gusts as high as 33 mph.

Today's Details

Temperature & Humidity
Temp. Trend
-0.3 °F/hr
24 %
9.6 °F
Wind Chill
44.2 °F
High Temp
53.2 °F at 00:05
Low Temp
40.6 °F at 05:32
Cloud Base
7863 ft AGL
Curr. Speed
0.0 mph
Curr. Direction
155° SSE
Avg. Speed
0.8 mph
Avg. Direction
166° SSE
High Gust
9.0 mph at 00:54
Wind Run
5.3 miles
Rain Today
0.00 in
Current Rate
0.00 in/hr
Last Hour
0.00 in
0.00 in
This Month
0.00 in
This Year
9.01 in
29.829 in
-0.002 in/hr
29.880 in at 00:01
29.826 in at 05:04
Conditions as of 06:29:45
Updated in - seconds
Forecast as of 02:34:13 October 22, 2016
Mt. Charleston Weather Webcam

There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for the Mt. Charleston area.

The 2015-2016 winter season is officially over.

SR 156 - Lee Canyon Rd.
SR 157 - Kyle Canyon Rd.
SR 158 - Deer Creek Rd.
Last Updated on October 22, 2016 at 6:28 am.

Data Source: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)

NDOT provides the above traveler information as a public service. This information is published automatically and cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or timeliness. This information depends on a number of items, including Internet availability, communications networks, and computer equipment which are beyond the control of the NDOT and difficult to predict.

Listing of roadway snow and ice conditions is not a guarantee that NDOT has plowed or sanded all of these locations for travelers. Plowing and sanding is generally done to different roads on a basic priority system but that the actual determination of the amount and timing of sanding and plowing of any particular section of highway is up to the judgment of local road maintenance officials based on their experience and local conditions at particular times.

Weather and road conditions change rapidly, and drivers are in the best position to perceive such conditions and adjust their driving accordingly. It is alwyas a good idea to drive prepared. This might include traveling with snow chains, and extra food, water and clothing. Those relying on the foregoing information do so at their own risk, and neither the State of Nevada, the NDOT nor any of their employees or agents shall, nor be liable for either the accuracy of this information nor any actions taken in reliance thereon.

Mt. Charleston Weather is a private weather station located in the Lee Canyon area of the Spring Mountains range.

The weather station is 100% solar powered and provides 24/7 live weather data along with webcam access. The station is a Davis Vantage Vue which transmits data to a fit-PC3 running Cumulus v1.9.3. The Toshiba IK-WB80A webcam provides daytime images of the weather which are updated every 10 minutes.

Having no available access to a power grid has forced the design of an efficient yet reliable alternative energy system. The entire system consumes less than 18 watts during the day and 10 watts at night.

100% Solar Powered
Current Voltage: 12.4 volts

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